Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Parshat Emor

In this week's parashah, we are confronted with the figure of the Mekalel, a person born of an Israelite woman and an Egyptian man who is stoned by the community after cursing G-d. My contribution this week is an attempt to understand why this person, on the fringes of the community, would come to curse another Jew with the holy Name and why that infraction merited death.
Shabbat Shalom!

Aren't I My Mother's Son

Aren't I my mother's son?
with G-d, half-wrestled,
wending narrow cyphers
between stares.

The heavens are black
rocks hurled drown the sun.
Their palms foil my
erratic eyes.
Claw my fountain face.
Stain my melting skin.

Shut up, you desert!
You parched witch!

I hear your rictus,
sharp and salty,
buzzing the Name.
Buzzing the name
that I uttered--
hardly heard.

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