Monday, April 26, 2010

Acharei Mot

As a student of the classics, I love Latin and Graeco-Roman mythology. Yet, as a Jew, I can't help but be slightly frightened by some of their imagery and ideas, especially the perniciousness of seemingly idolatrous ideas. This week, I attempt to have a imagist dialogue with myself on some of the classic visuals of idolatry and juxtapose them with the biblical promise of covenant.
Not after sylvan satyrs shall you stray!
ecce turba Maenadum irata et insana
in green glen, dark as raven,
built with semen, silt hills
of grape leaves, appled orgy skin.
Nix the goddesses,
her chalices,
baby-blooded Molech fundus.

Big I has new paradigms!
Big I has new paradigms!

for your Midas touch,
your boys, your girls,
strangers, wilted dust
synergistic condition
so that she may not
spew you out--
this honey milk land--

upon your death.
In addition, I have written written a mirror sonnet from the perspective of the famous (drum roll!!!!!)--

A Taxonomy of Sin

Poison seeps
from horns
to ear--
tongues slithered
their confessions.
I can still feel
his hands--
clammy and cold--
as I wander through
this wilderness.
this cold as
wandering hands,
through clammy cans
still-eyed feelings
confess to a slither--
horns, ears,
seeping poison.

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