Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ki Tissa

Is it the cleanliness that is truly next to G-dliness, or rather is it the fulfillment of Ha-----shem's demands that defines our level of kedushah? Ki Tissa begins with two seemingly odd requests seem to implicate that the answer resides in the latter. My poem this week wrestles with this question using the image of the Kohanim washing their hands and feet before the mishkan (tabernacle) following Rashi's directions of how this would take place. Shabbat Shalom!

Ki Tissa

Before the porch
In which all dwells
Sons stoop to gem
sole in palm—
Right on right,
Left on left.

Lest you die!

These rules
Cellar blazes
In Myrrh,
Rhymes of olive oil,
Name noise
That splits coins
To sodder
Them back


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