Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parshat Lekh Lekha--Avraham's Secret (Go within, Go without)

Just Who moved the silent spheres
Stood First, Alone, behind the sun?
He went within, to discern One--
That Lever turning all the gears.

He went forth and pitched a tent,
Somewhere dark, among stones and snakes,
to be a blessing, shuckle, shake,
when glitter wanes and all is spent.

Change rains on pharaoh's palace:
Death is life; wife is sister,
Plagues pop like blisters,
G-d's pus fills royal chalice.

To be alone, just as G-d is Alone--
This is the bitter secret of our bones.

1 comment:

  1. Yishar kochakha! This one lends itself easily to musical interpretation too!

    I like the other poems you've got here too! Are you alluding to particular midrashim in all the poems you're writing or sometimes creating your own midrash as well (i.e. the "snakes" here)?

    Keep it up! Behatzlachah!